Wells Fargo Unionizing?

Citibank tBUnDb
Mar 19 4 Comments

Read this article saying that Wells Fargo might unionize...Does this have any truth? Why do bank employees not unionize? I feel like with the exception of ibankers and maybe tech people in finance, the majority of bank employees especially front line could benefit? What are your thoughts?



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TOP 4 Comments
  • GoDaddy 5"6 Indian
    If it happens, I'm dumping all my WFC shares
    Mar 19 1
    • Amazon / Eng scoops34
      You should dump all your WFC shares BEFORE it happens?
      Also, why are you even holding shares of that shit?
      Mar 19
  • Wells Fargo / Eng ostrich1
    They have not
    Mar 19 0
  • Spokeo ejPB81
    Yeah, I dumped mine months ago. They're slowly being bled dry from all the fines they're racking up. I don't think they have changed their ways at all.
    Mar 19 0


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