What app does Amazon use for internal communications?

Futurism elonsmusk
Mar 7 18 Comments

Do you guys use Slack or have an internal tool you use?


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  • Amazon lolyeah
    All means. Outlook. Chime. Sometimes my boss knocks my bathroom door when I’m housed in.
    Mar 72
  • Amazon EyiB66
    Mar 70
  • Related question. Do employees get hardware they want? Like MacBook or is there a standard windows issue?

    Being on *nix for long time, I'd hate to go back to dev on Windows.
    Mar 75
    • Verizon vzguy
      You'll get a MacBook
      Mar 7
    • Amazon lanw
      You can pick Mac or Windows. There are specific hardware specs that you are allowed for each job family, including the size/number of monitors you are allowed to have.

      Many developers use a developer desktop as well, either an actual Linux machine or a provisioned EC2 instance.
      Mar 7
    • Amazon xkcd
      You can get a Mac or you can install a supported* Ubuntu on any of the windows machine options.
      Mar 7
    • This is good to hear. Thanks guys.
      Mar 7
    • Amazon xkcd
      *supported in that it is officially supported, but as expected... You may be a fair bit more self Service or community support dependent for software issues. It's not bad if you're used to a Linux though.
      Mar 7
  • Amazon / EngKHCr70
    Morse code
    Mar 71
    • New


      -.-- . .- .... / .-- .... .- - / - .... .- - / .--. . .-. ... --- -. / ... .- .. -.. -.-.-- / .-.-.-
      Mar 12
  • Amazon FuDw31
    Yahoo! Instant Messenger for most things.
    Mar 71
  • Rockwell Automation dc🦊🦊
    Mar 70
  • Amazon assfro
    Mar 70
  • Twitch / EngvQhx41
    twitch uses slack
    Mar 70

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