What are level mappings between Google & Splunk?

Google Legumes
Jul 24 17 Comments

Considering interviewing for a director role at Splunk. what is the Google level mapping for Director at Splunk?

I’d be interested in the level mapping but also the scope and responsibility, tx!


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  • Splunk Lemon77
    What is your level now? @OP
    Jul 25 8
    • Google Legumes
      FYI I’m being very specific here to maintain anonymity (I’m sure you all don’t get too many Googlers applying to your roles)
      Jul 25
    • Splunk / Mgmt Mr_Merritt
      You purposefully being a pretentious dick or is this really how you are? You don't think we have ex-Googlers working here? Are you really that sheltered?
      Jul 25
    • Splunk mkbdha
      1) we have ex googlers and we've rejected ex googlers. You are not above anyone. I think you've been living in a bubble too long.
      2) please don't interview here. If everyone can see it from just a few sentences it's obv you don't really qualify for this role. Anyone that hires you as a "director" should be REALLY concern.
      3) Belittling people where you're thinking about interviewing to get information is not a good strategy. I feel this is common sense which you seem to be lacking.
      Jul 25
    • Splunk NwFr42
      Yeah... I read this as: hey I'm a hot-shot "director" at Google, bow before me plebs at Splunk...

      Not a great start to wanting to come work here. I honestly don't want a director that thinks he is better than everyone... That doesn't go over well at all...
      Jul 25
    • Splunk / Eng ImaRainbow
      “you all don’t get too many Googlers applying”...wtf. Splunk has the highest median-pay in the industry. Google *that* to fact-check me, then come back to explain why we wouldn’t have people from all walks of life among the ranks of our applicants.
      Jul 26
  • Splunk cKPk64
    Tbh with that pretentious attitude not sure we want you here
    Jul 25 1
    • Splunk / Eng Kjgds
      ^^ this. Not sure if it is part of googleyness
      Jul 25
  • Facebook Aosj
    I'd be shocked if it was more than the L6 equivalent. Let us know how that goes.
    Jul 24 2
    • Google Legumes
      I’ll update the OP to be more specific. My question is more about scope and responsibility (as opposed to TC)
      Jul 24
    • Google Legumes
      Based on the comments below, sounds about right
      Jul 25
  • Apple oddout
    Interviewed there some time back. Was shocked to see no engineering related questions. All about behavioral, team building, project execution. People who were in the loop including sr engineers, director & sr director had repetitive behavioral questions. And yes, i did get the impression that not many people from FAANG come there for interview. Almost everyone asked why leaving current company. One even mentioned that we internally joked that people must be exhausted working at A & F if they are applying here. Lack of engineering depth in interviewers were enough signal for me to say no. Just look at their director/sr director profiles who recently joined.
    Aug 24 0
  • Splunk .Conf
    That’s a fair question! Which part of the business OP? Director position means different things in different departments
    Jul 25 0


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