What are some examples of money doing the work?

Amazon vkvtn3
May 16 10 Comments

Like what is something where you'll rather pay someone and get it done than doing it yourself.

For me: Its driving. I'd rather uber to places than buy and maintain a car. Also taxes! Rather pay $100 for a consultant than going through the hassle of turbotax,etc.


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  • Uber easier
    Heart surgery
    May 16 0
  • Google / Eng SexyVirgin
    May 16 2
    • Palo Alto Networks !💥
      Hrmmmmmm. Gonna have to agree to disagree on that one. Have you seen that new Snapchat filter yet?
      May 17
    • Google / Eng SexyVirgin
      I don't use Snapchat often.
      Can you enlighten us by attaching a screenshot?
      May 17
  • Nvidia buck25
    May 16 0
  • Amazon luwo
    Cutting my hair
    May 16 0
  • Google / Product rgs ooh fb
    Cleaning for me
    May 16 0
  • Ericsson / Eng rawr🙈🙉
    Taxes for sure. Depending where you live, you can hire people to shovel snow from your driveway so when you wake up it’s all clear. Super nice tbh :)
    May 16 0
  • Cisco cbd
    Taxes. Eyebrows. Waxing.
    May 16 0
  • Charter / IT xlyq06
    Plumbing, electrical, and gas work. 0% chance of me doing it if I can afford not to. They better be insured as well
    May 16 0


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