What are some of your favorite (relatively healthy)snacks that you stash in your desk for mid day/evening munching

PayPal mrhuddle
Feb 27 15 Comments

I get hungry couple of hours after my lunch


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TOP 15 Comments
  • Charles River Development BqFN57
    Dried fruits, nuts, basically things I would normally not eat if I had an option.
    Feb 270
  • Unsalted nuts
    Feb 270
  • Uber jghhg
    Amazon Friday bananas. Has to last entire week
    Feb 271
  • I snack on dark chocolate or hummus and celery or carrots
    Feb 270
  • Cocaine, keeps the fingers nimble
    Feb 270
  • Microsoft aiNP74k
    I also snack on kale and drink a ton of water, as it’s super filling and nutrient dense
    Feb 270
  • SAP


    Bio on blind!
    Nuts. Banana.
    Feb 270
  • Microsoft weirvhtd
    Feb 270
  • New / Engjbnote
    Deez nuts!
    Feb 270
  • Microsoft BarFoo
    Snickers. It really satisfies.
    Feb 270
  • Microsoft aiNP74k
    Bananas, apples, no sugar dried fruit, trail mix, dark chocolate, granola bars,
    Feb 270
  • Broadcom Ltd. rFkd21
    Bananas. Granola bars.
    Feb 270
  • Tableau Zero Cool
    Feb 270
  • Lockheed Martin Qn888gh
    Cashews, unsweetened dried fruit, no sugar added canned fruit
    Feb 270

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