What are the first few things I should do if I have a great business idea?

Volvo YdCn11
Feb 7

It’s a GPS based app for a service where I will want users to see local vendors providing the services near their location. Users will also see the reviews etc


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  • New monomo
    It's called Yelp.
    Feb 70
  • Microsoft HdnF84
    Like google maps?
    Feb 71
  • Wayfair 1234abc123
    There are so many things exactly like this already.
    Feb 72
  • Tektronix / Sales


    Find an app developer.
    Feb 71
    • Oracle no🥄
      And tell them "I'll handle the business side."
      Feb 7
  • New PcNF27
    Prototype, show it to friends, then show it to other people. Reiterate until you can impress. Go to an investor.
    Feb 70
  • Typeform pekskilo
    Buy a domain!
    Feb 70
  • Red Hat / Product

    Red HatProduct

    I have the innernets
    Validate the problem you're solving, then validate the solution you have to that problem. Talk to people's cheaper than investing in an idea that fails
    Feb 70
  • New 🌟 1
    Pursue if you believe in it. Get a team first. Alone with full time job would be tough.
    Feb 70
  • New DvVM00
    that already exists! even if you can do it better, you have no moat. this is not a business worth pursuing
    Feb 70
  • Broadcom Ltd. honestkid
    Like craigslist and Angie’s list ?
    Feb 70

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