What are these 401k options

Workday booyay

And which one do you choose and why?

Base pay pre tax 401k
Variable pay pre tax 401k
Base pay roth 401k
Variable pay roth 401k
After tax


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  • Morgan Stanley U+1F438
    Base pay means the retirement contribution will come out of your base salary.

    Variable pay means it will come out of your bonus

    Pre-tax 401k means the contribution is not taxed now, but when you withdraw instead.

    Roth 401k means the contribution is taxed now but now when you withdraw

    Now just mix and match.
    • Morgan Stanley U+1F438
      Also you can usually choose a mix. For example, you might want to contribute 3% from base pay pre-tax, and 2% from variable pay post-tax.

      How you decide the mix depends on what you think is best.
  • CenturyLink ✌️✌️
    I just do whatever % of base pay will contribute the legal max every year, dollar cost averaged over every pay period
  • Workday jhztgv53
    Does workday support mega Backdoor ?
    • Oracle lHEA77
      You're at workday so just ask your own HR...

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