What are your plans for the holidays?

Google / MgmtLovedoo
Dec 6, 2018 7 Comments

Going to Tuscany here for 2 weeks. Gonna have my quota of sex for the year and eat great food.


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TOP 7 Comments
  • Google GoldenGod
    I actually know who this is. I can’t believe you’re not still a virgin... Congrats.
    Dec 6, 20180
  • Facebook 한국
    Sex in Tuscany? Are you using dating apps?
    Dec 6, 20180
  • Redfin / Engembiggens
    Cool story, bro
    Dec 6, 20180
  • Apple vAAA81
    SoCal beaches for me.
    Dec 6, 20180
  • Amazon tYds04
    Wait, Tuscany=hookers?
    Dec 6, 20180
  • Twitter Saulder
    Is there an app for that?
    Dec 6, 20180
  • Nutanix monk420
    Decided to volunteer for oncall :D
    Dec 6, 20180

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