What as Data Engineers lacking compared to SWE/SDE?

Toptal KnEh28
Apr 11 2 Comments

Title says it all. I’ve always been curious what areas I would be missing knowledge in most to transition into a more SWE centric role


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  • Seagate toti420
    Good language skills. 😉
    Apr 11 0
  • Microsoft mitochondr
    Depending where and what you've done, data science can be a purely research/analytical role. When I came to my current team, half of the data scientists thought git was short for "Google it". There used to be no engineering process tied to the role. There are of course data scientists who understand the whole pipeline, but they're very rare and if not compensated properly they will leave very soon as they're super sought after. That said, know python well, kubernetes, git, ci/cd, know your way around linux, nginx and at least one python backend engine
    Apr 11 0


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