What comp to expect from Solutions Eng position at Facebook (not at HQ)

New mwAnon2
Feb 9, 2018 1 Comment

I’m looking at possibly joining FB as a Solutions Engineer. I’m having a hard time getting a good sense for what type of compensation I should e expecting/asking for.

Aside from being a SolEng job and not a standard SWE job, factors that complicate matters are that the job is in a med-high COL area, not the High COL of Menlo Park, and that I’ve got 15 years of experience, which I’m not sure how much FB takes into account when deciding on an offer when I’m not moving direct into a management/lead role.

Aside from looking at Salary.com and GlassDoor can anyone offer any info either about comp levels a) from SolEng vs other engineering b) not being in Menlo Park/NYC c) coming in with many years of experience or d) how the SolEng levels compare with the more well reported levels (E5, E4 etc)


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  • Facebook wNvd33
    I don't know about solutions engineering but Facebook doesn't adjust compensation based on COL in the US, for SWEs and PEs at least.
    Feb 10, 2018 0