What content will be left on Netflix?

Verizon G1pjXB
Aug 1 16 Comments

Seems like every major broadcasting station/media company is pulling their content from Netflix...What will be left? Without, Comcast, Fox, Disney, WarnerMedia, BBC, NBC..and probably more...What exactly can I still watch on Netflix that justifies the price increase? Do you know?


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  • Stranger things, money heist and a whole bunch of new originals. Some good stuff coming soon
    Aug 1 2
    • Amazon dhiekshxe
      Another life is pure garbage unfortunately
      Aug 2
    • Nooo was saving it for later! Dang it. Watching the boys on Amazon. Pretty good actually! Butchers English accent sounds fake to me though.
      Aug 2
  • Netflix nflxos
    No one will subscribe to all services, the goal is basically to stay in top 3. Netflix can make it on brand recognition + originals (it will most likely keep the first spot still). Most TV remotes have a Netflix button, thatโ€™s really convenient.
    Also, note that content people watch is different from the content that makes people sign up for a service. No one will be paying subscription for Friends. They all came for something new but sometimes watch Friends since they are โ€œfreeโ€.
    Aug 1 0
  • Inc. Magazine

    Inc. Magazine

    I am a journalist. TC <100k No money for tips/ information. But I'll hear you out for free. DM if you want to chat.
    Netflix originals and old movies

    It's just going to be another HBO
    Aug 1 0
  • Microsoft micrusade
    Independent artists who aren't born with golden spoons in their mouth(nepotism), hopefully these. Only if Netflix Production makes sure everyone gets an equal opportunity to pitch in scripts, irrespective of his/her mother/father's name.
    Production companies suck up to already rich or individuals from popular families.
    Aug 1 4
    • Nextdoor / Design testes
      So NFLX is the โ€œdiversity and inclusionโ€ network... ๐Ÿ˜‚
      Aug 1
    • Microsoft micrusade
      Actually if you notice most of the celeb SJWs and commies are themselves products of nepotism or privilege.
      Aug 1
    • Nextdoor / Design testes
      Thatโ€™s because virtue signaling == ๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿค‘โœŠโœŠโœŠ
      Aug 1
    • New / Cust. Srv.

      New Cust. Srv.

      Artist at heart. Worker by day.
      The SJWs who work towards equal opportunity and activism usually are trying to make good from guilt they have from Nepotism. Case and point Aidan Gallagher. Says his dad made a call and he began acting had no prior experience either.
      Aug 31
  • Netflix Nqac32
    A Christmas Prince! Only on Netflix
    Aug 4 0
  • Oracle SfsM37
    What content do you think a dream team of superstars can create? HBO didn't have the netflix culture document. The meme around netflix is that its blast radius will only get bigger
    Aug 2 1
    • Netflix / Eng Breakinbad
      Check out Irishman, that's dream team superstar content.
      Aug 2
  • Amazon fox-
    Nothing much and I don't think anyone will be willing to pay that much for usual content
    Aug 1 1
    • Netflix / Eng Breakinbad
      Americans are paying $100 in average for crap linear TV with commercials. You'll find Netflix stays the best deal in the foreseeable future. Netflix is twice the price of Disney+ and 5 times the contents budget.
      Aug 1
  • Atos ckg1208
    Disney + will eventually strangle netflix. Netflix was a great proof of concept for Disney but Disney has the linchpin of streamable sports and has diversified to be more than kid shows with Lucas and Marvel holdings. They are going for the kill now.
    Aug 21 0


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