What countries have special visas like Australia and Canada for working in US

Expedia Kay!
Feb 18 10 Comments

Australians have E3 and Canadians have TN visa are there any other countries that have their own visa instead of falling under H1B ?


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  • Google matched
    H1B looks like it's for Indians.
    Feb 18 0
  • New ""()''
    Chile and Mexico and Singapore
    Feb 18 0
  • Expedia Kay!
    I am assuming in all these other visas spouses can work and still folks made a big deal when it came to H4 Folks working. Anyways I know that H1 program has been misused by some companies and that caused this whole crap around H1.
    Feb 18 6
    • Tumblr Olajuwo
      Spouses of TN visa cannot work
      Feb 18
    • New h5n1
      Yeah, spouses cannot work, OP is wrong in this assumption that the world is out to get Indians.

      H1b is a way better visa than TN in pretty much every way, except that you need to win a lottery to get it. Other than that it's just better in every respect.
      Feb 18
    • Nokia noww
      I am trying to figure out how H1B is better than TN?
      Feb 19
    • New h5n1
      Spouse can work, dual intent, broader occupation definitions, is not adjudicated again every entry.
      Feb 19
    • Broadcom Ltd. / Eng

      Broadcom Ltd. Eng

      Intel, Broadcom Ltd.
      TN is not adjudicated on every entry. It’s adjudicated only when you apply for a new one whether for the same employer or another one.
      And TN not having a 6 year cap by far beats H1B. You can extend in increments of 3 years as long as NAFTA exists. Even Trump kept NAFTA alive.
      Let’s see how you think of H1B when Trump removes the H1B spouse’s ability to work.
      Feb 21
  • Microsoft hsisvam
    Isn't a Google search quicker than waiting for a decent reply on blind ?
    Feb 18 0