What do you think about Ebay?

New JesusC
May 7 13 Comments

I'm about to start interviewing with FANG. Ebay reached out to me for a Frontend Role.
What do you guys think? The role is in London. Are their questions Leetcode style?

How good is the pay? Is it comparable to FANG?

Also do they sponsor Tier 2 visa?


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  • eBay


    Why did you click on me 😡
    It’s a good place to be if you want to be paid and do no work.

    It’s also a good place to be if you’re Indian and like to play politics
    May 7 0
  • eBay fgsa2d
    Stay away. Far far away
    May 7 2
    • New / Eng JesusC
      Why? Please share
      May 7
    • eBay fgsa2d
      No vision. Terrible leadership.
      May 13
  • Accolade / Eng JefN
    I had an interview earlier this year with eBay payments team. It was a mix of LC easy and medium type questions but NOT at all comparable to FANG level questions.
    May 7 2
    • New / Eng JesusC
      Did you get an offer?
      May 7
    • Accolade / Eng JefN
      I didn't. One of the interviewer was expecting a solution he saw online and was not accepting a better solution I was suggesting.
      May 7
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    • eBay youngMony
      No. We still need to MEGA
      May 25
  • eBay Drowssap
    Payment is the biggest bet I heard good words about the org .
    May 8 1
    • eBay Pilukachu
      until they falls into politics game now..
      May 10
  • eBay Gor-Gor
    The team in London is good.
    May 16 0
  • eBay / Eng Payment2.0
    eBay is good. Pay is good. Just be an asset kisser and you get promoted
    May 13 0
  • eBay mSQG77
    Pay is very good and competitive and Good benefits as well
    May 8 0


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