What do you think about serving services to the sanctioned countries like Iran?

New jranil
Mar 5 6 Comments

Sometimes Iranian individuals or private companies cannot use normal services like google analytics, google ads, Amazon cloud services or simple hosting services.
Some companies find some ways to serve the services and some of them will try to find a way to ban them.

What do you think about selling services to individuals or private companies? Should the USA sanction normal people just because they are living in sanctioned countries?


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  • Facebook lolwutm8
    Yes. The people will get more and more upset at their leaders and that's just basic strategy when you want to put non violent pressure on a countries government. Way better then sending troops or funding rebel groups. Let them stir up their own revolution.
    Mar 5 3
  • Amazon / Eng 1099-B
    Having many friends and relatives in a sanctioned location, my answer is no. It isn't helping anyone accomplish anything. And any "oppressive regime" successfully (and maybe even rightfully) would point out sanctions as the reason for their people's problems anyways.
    Mar 5 0
  • Microsoft x0x0x0x0x0
    It's just a seige in modern terms.
    Mar 7 0