What do you think about the Apple product launches?

eBay maybeno
Sep 10 18 Comments

- i think this design will make Jobs turn in his grave and cry. This is not attractive!
- lack of innovation again with few hundred billion dollars laying eggs
- lack of content for apple TV, no where close to Netflix or Disney, though pricing is competitive at $4.99/month
- apple watch has “display alaways on” feature which has been on Fitbit for sometime now.
- apple gaming platform - hope it does well.

What do you think about the Apple product launches?


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  • Amazon pоny
    I’m still using an iPhone 6 and really wanted to upgrade. The features of the new phone have once again dissuaded me.
    Sep 10 1
    • Since the debut of iPhone 7, I’ve felt the same, and switched back to Android. I’m ordering the Linux-based Purism Librem 5 as my next phone, but will hold on to my previous phone until Anbox is up and running on it.

      Hardware kill switches, convergent applications & a desktop mode, IP native chat/calls, swappable baseband & battery rather than an unnecessary obsession with thinness, headphone jack & USB-C to name a few of the many features it has I like
      Sep 10
  • That’s not the design
    Sep 10 1
    • Amazon pоny
      That looks like something built in a Ukrainian factory in the 80s.
      Sep 10
  • Google Steve Woz
    Where the fuck is the new MacBook with functioning keyboard Tim Apple??
    Sep 10 0
  • ICF / Eng SouDa
    Better wait for Google pixel 4
    Sep 10 1
  • Amazon Vulgar
    Specs are great, but it’s ugly. They at leased rationalized the naming with 11, 11 Pro. The XR was unfortunate.

    Was hoping for an SE and a “one more thing” stating they fixed the fuckup that is the MacBook line. But zilch on either.
    Sep 10 1
    • New tHnC43
      I think the XS name was even worse. How did “iphone excess” make it past the marketing department.
      Sep 10
  • Oracle / Sales

    Oracle Sales

    I honestly thought the new phone design was from an Onion article when I first saw it. Those cameras are hideous!
    Sep 10 0
  • Microsoft / Eng dKWp30
    Yet again Apple presents us with another iteration of existing products. They really need a new innovator.
    Sep 10 0
  • Nokia / Eng

    Nokia Eng

    iPhone upgrade is useless. Dont want to position my head in front of the phone everytime I need to unlock it.
    Sep 10 0
  • HBO


    Username is an insult for Jonah Ryan (Veep!) that didn’t make it to air.
    It could have stood for someone to walk in a room 6 months ago and say “Jesus Christ is this the best you could do?”

    But it’s hard to criticize, this company has made more money under Tim Apple than Steve Jobs, in like half the time.
    Sep 10 1
    • eBay maybeno
      Think of two scenarios:
      Replace Tim Cook with someone else - Apple would have probably made close to same amount of money, though I think if it had a more product focused leader they could have done better.
      Replace Steve Jobs with someone and then have Tim Cook replace him/her - do you think he would have done the same?
      What I’m trying to say is that Cook just leveraged what Jobs had already done
      Sep 10
  • LinkedIn yFSV61
    Horrible design at back with those 3 cams.
    Sep 10 0
  • Nokia SjsQ52
    To me gaming platform is a joke ...
    About the phone nothing new ...(will stay with my x another year)
    Apple Watch - nothing new
    Apple TV+ yea 4.99 since no content what so ever ...

    Apple I’m disappointed
    Sep 10 0
  • PayPal srig
    That design especially the pro one sucks. Even a kid won't get attracted to that design
    Sep 10 0
  • Apple / Design Watchout!
    Sep 10 0


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