What do you think of CRITEO and what they offer?

Criteo NBnL07
Jul 14 10 Comments

Curious how people feel about the company. #criteo #digitaladvertising


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  • Amazon / Eng LCKA42
    They didn’t want to pay travel cost for their onsite internship interview... cheapf*cks
    Jul 15 0
  • Amobee YYal52
    If you're in ad tech and not Facebook/Google nor maybe* TTD you're f*cked
    Jul 14 6
    • Amobee YYal52
      Jul 14
    • Facebook public2
      Lol, top 3 isnt that bad.
      Jul 14
    • Amazon / Eng

      Amazon Eng

      What is amazon’s share? Like 4%?
      Jul 15
    • This isn’t true at all
      Jul 15
    • Facebook public2
      4% is probably high, they only do few billion a year but just getting started.
      Jul 15
  • Criteo / Product AwesomeCRT
    Hi it depends on what you’re looking for. Good tech stack yes. Growth + money- no
    Jul 21 0
  • Goldman Sachs / Data

    Goldman Sachs Data

    JPMorgan Chase & Co.
    The company is amazing. It has grown multiple x in last few years due to their prop products for ad tech. Although last year due to regulations and change in google’s data sharing policy, there are concerns on future of the stupendous growth. But still a growth company. Pretty bullish.
    Jul 14 0