What do you think of the new Toyota Supra?

Micro Focus / Engsteakz
Jan 15 10 Comments

The general consensus seems to be that its basically a BMW with a Toyota logo. It looks amazing though.


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  • Amazon / Eng:!
    Buy a z4
    Jan 150
  • Facebook Garmadon
    🤢 Sad really. Had high hopes for this car. I don't think it looks good at all. Not what I'm going to spend 50-60k on next year.
    Jan 150
  • F5 Networks Op64em
    So it'll have Toyota reliability...right?
    Jan 152
    • Apple Snut Ella
      BMW reliability and price, Toyota performance and styling.
      Jan 15
    • F5 Networks Op64em
      Lol. That's a fucking garbage combination. "The brain of Margot Robbie and the body of Hillary Clinton."
      Jan 25
  • Box mrGy41
    Not a huge fan of the looks but it’s nothing a body kit won’t fix. Seems underpowered for the price though since you can buy a brand new GT86 for around half the cost ($25k) which leaves you with >$20k... plenty left over to throw a nice turbo kit on it (which that Boxer motor loves) along with whatever else you want.

    Some knock the 86 for being underpowered as well but- it’s only $25k and a perfect base to build on- lightweight, well-balanced, 6 speed, FA20 Boxer (basically a WRX motor without the turbo), lower center of gravity than the Nissan GT-R, etc.

    Not saying the new Supra won’t be a good platform as well but- if it were me and my $50k- I’d opt for the 86 and have a blast building it out how I want it.
    Jan 230
  • VMware BobbleHat
    It is almost identical looking to the 1994 Supra, so, uh no.
    Jan 160
  • Microsoft / EngSenoritaWE
    Buy a Tesla Model 3 Performance
    Jan 150
  • New


    Lockheed Martin
    Front looks stupid, no manual trans option so far. If I was in the market for an automatic sport coupe I’d look at the RC F over this mediocre upgrade of a GT86.
    Jan 150
  • Apple Snut Ella
    Plasticy and ugly. Underpowered. Buy the Z4
    Jan 150

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