What does it mean when recruiter wants to schedule call after onsite

Zulily Nt-yr-bsns
Oct 27 17 Comments

No mention of offer or rejection so what does it mean when recruiter wants to schedule phone call after onsite at Uber.
Now I can't stop over thinking about it and I would rather prefer rejection over email than over phone call.

Update: After 3 months of long process and so many rounds of interview with 2 on-sites, the recruiter finally said that team had decided to move in a different direction and it was not an easy decision.
I feel lost and defeated and as if I had failed


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  • Google bravo6
    Verbal offer or politely rejecting with some feedback. Good Luck!
    Oct 27 0
  • Universal Music Group Cosmo K
    Hahaha this is so relatable. First, you had an on-site with Uber so congrats that's more than most people can say. Second, from my experience rejections come in the form of an email. Third, if the recruiter wants to schedule time with you that tells me he/she values your time and had something meaningful to say. Whether or not it's a rejection, an offer, or something in between is hard to say (we're not mind readers) but don't sweat it, you'll be ok either way.
    Oct 27 0
  • Riverbed Technology ydhnnana
    Oct 27 0
  • Uber angela-g
    I doubt that it's an offer. Usually when it's an offer, the email conveys that. I really hope I am not right about this. Good luck! And remember there is always another great job that you can go to.
    Oct 27 3
    • Microsoft Ovenmitts
      Nope I found out about my uber offer through phone.
      Oct 27
    • Zulily Nt-yr-bsns
      @angela-g - It was to schedule time for one more round of interview with senior leadership. I have already had multiple rounds so wasn't expecting this but I think it would be nice to directly interview with senior leadership and also learn about the role/org from their perspective. Let me know if you have any suggestions or insight which I can focus on while preparing for this interview
      Oct 28
    • Uber angela-g
      That's good news OP. With senior leadership it should mostly be behavioural interview.
      Oct 29
  • Intel rSiX78
    Oct 27 0
  • Uber / Strategy IXX
    It’s likely an offer. They will tell you over the phone, discuss salary expectations, and make sure you are still interested before they send you anything written.

    Oct 27 0
  • Cloudflare / Eng myimouto
    probably not a rejection idk
    Oct 27 0
  • Dude you'll find out when the phone call happens. It can go either way and Internet strangers can't tell you
    Oct 27 0
  • New / Eng 00ck52
    Congrats on getting Uber. Make sure to negotiate hard.
    Oct 27 0
  • Keep us posted, it can be anything.
    Oct 27 0
  • Uber Uberer
    Oct 27 0
  • Potentially an offer or another manager who was not available for earlier interview rounds wants to speak with you. Some organizations try to get buy in from several members of the team before making a decision.
    Oct 27 0
  • Cruise Automation foodi
    Can be anything. Take it as an update call or further information gathering.
    Oct 27 0
  • New grindr
    On face value I would say they have good news but OTOH I have had a post onsite call where it was simply to say thanks but no thanks.
    Oct 27 0


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