What exactly does a producer do?

New nL4FG3
Jul 13 4 Comments

Are there any producers here who can shed some light on their actual day to day tasks? Are you a part of these big media companies or are you a contractor?


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    New Creative

    J.Crew, Amazon
    I’m not a producer but my wife and friends are. What specific business / area of media are you looking to reference. In my experience, producers are one of the key individuals to help make whatever it is you’ve set out to make. If this is for advertising you’re not only managing teams to ensure the idea is synced with budget but you are coordinating all the various partners like photographers, directors, designers etc. to ensure the objectives are met on time. It’s part creative, project management and business.
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  • New Jqwd71
    I’m a digital producer for a small video / digital agency. Our company is split into two departments, digital and video. I was initially hired as a traditional video producer, which entailed budgeting for shoots, hiring talent and crew, and making sure everything goes as planned on set for the actual shoot. I was shifted onto the digital side, though, where now I manage web developers, do web design, social media content, and produce videos if they relate to a digital marketing campaign. I’m full-time and salaried.
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  • Oath Atinlay2
    It depends on what you produce
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