What happened to all of the housing bubble posts?

Microsoft pJcW86
Mar 7 12 Comments

Last year we had a post almost every week about a pending housing price crash, what happened?!??!


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TOP 12 Comments
  • Nvidia coolpm
    Usually these housing doom and gloom starts after summer is over 🤣
    Mar 71
  • Twitch jkley28
    the bubble of posts about bubbles has burst
    Mar 70
  • Amazon hot 🍞
    Ah, I remember my first boom bust cycle
    Mar 70
  • Facebook hezbjleavb
    yes in bay area house price is about 5-10% lower yoy.
    Mar 73
    • Microsoft pJcW86
      That's not a bubble or crash though...
      Mar 7
    • Facebook hezbjleavb
      doesn't matter. no definition about how much lower is a bubble. people only needs to know the price will go up or down one year ago.
      Mar 7
    • VMware BobbleHat
      Crashes take years to play out. A 10% drop YoY is huge.
      Mar 8
  • eBay abababbb
    This logic of what goes up will go up even more has been proven wrong many times in history, it’s called bubble.
    Mar 71
    • Google goooooooo
      Yes a bubble that inflates bigger than the last every time it pops. So In the long run yes what goes up will go up even more as long as we operate on fiat money
      Mar 7
  • Lending Club iknscg
    I remember it. I think that person was from Citibank
    Mar 70
  • Oracle tamatar
    It's 7th March, so the bubble can't pop anymore. Sorry.
    Mar 70

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