What has your experience been with a new CEO replacing founder?

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Apr 4 12 Comments

We at Stack Overflow are starting the search for a new CEO after Joel (co-founder) decided to leave. I’ve never been at a company going through this and I’m curious about experiences.

Especially after reading all the nice things about #npmlayoffs, is it common for a new CEO to make extreme changes once hired?


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TOP 12 Comments
  • Most founders have no business being CEO. They should lead the product side of things. Let the CEO take care of hiring the right executive team.
    Apr 4 1
    • GitHub jithub
      And some founders have no business being in the business. Some almost kill the entire company. Thank god for a select few that can save a place before it implodes and get it sold so a proper ceo can indeed come in. Sometimes it’s best if founders don’t even show up to work. You know, sometimes.
      Apr 4
  • Uber nooway
    Awesome experience
    Apr 4 1
    • New RItI54
      Expedia misses him haha but I’m sure he realized they were going to lose the war with Airbnb
      Apr 4
  • Microsoft zbxD81
    Yes but only if things weren't working out previously
    Apr 4 1
    • Stack Overflow / Eng stacker
      heh, for some value of “things weren’t working”... I guess from the investor’s POV.
      Apr 4
  • Uber / Eng Trigger
    Opens up a bunch of whiners who drink ex CEO koolaid
    Apr 4 1
    • Stack Overflow / Eng stacker
      heh, count me in
      Apr 4
  • Yahoo Genius
    Very bad based on my experience, too much distraction, gossips, and a lot of changes .
    Apr 4 0
  • Bank of America / IT

    Bank of America IT

    I have 20+ experience in tech and banking
    Why did Joel leave
    Apr 4 1
  • Apple Fsh7fhgf
    Very different skill sets. Most founders have better vision but most CEOs are better administrators.
    Apr 6 0


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