What income level is “Upper Class”?

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Let’s say for a family of 4 in high COL areas like SF/NYC



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  • Amazon lvd11
    Yeah it's wealth.

    I would say in the US you are upper class if you have a net worth of 100 million or above. Less than that and you don't move in the circles that we think of as upper class.

    You might be able to make a case for a "lower upper class" starting around 20 million net worth, which is what you need to enjoy a 1% income without working.

    But without 100 million you won't have the influence in the country that the phrase "upper class" connotes.

    Want a gut test? If you can't afford to buy a private jet on an impulse you aren't upper class. If owning you own TV station is beyond your means you are not upper class. If you don't have enough money to bankroll a major political campaign you sir are not upper class.

    I don't think people appreciate just how rich the wealthy people in America actually are.
    Jan 7 11
    • Amazon lvd11
      Maybe in India, in America you need to add a zero to that to be upper class.
      Jan 7
    • I don't think you realize how much money $100m in net worth is. 🤦‍♂️
      Jan 8
    • Amazon lvd11
      I don't think you realize how rich the upper class in America is. There are lots of people in the US with that much money. There are hundreds billionaires in the US and thousands who have 100mil.

      Upper class implies enough wealth that you are able to significantly influence politics in this country, and have some level of name recognition if you want it. You can own TV stations and newspaper outlets if you're upper class and you want to. You can have your own Super PAC. You don't get that level of clout below 100 million net worth.

      If you're upper class and you invest in a stock you get a seat on the board.

      At ten million net worth you can barely support yourself in a 1 percenter lifestyle, can't even afford your own jet, and would have to make big sacrifices in your standard of living to bankroll even a Senator's political campaign. You sure as heck don't have your own Super PAC or TV channel.

      You're just not upper class at 10 mil.

      You guys who fancy yourself upper class are a big joke. You borrowed money to buy your home and you wouldn't have jack shit if you lost your job.

      The rich are different. They also aren't likely here on blind. They don't work, they just own the businesses that employ working stiffs like you and me.
      Jan 8
    • Collective Health makeMeKing
      Again there is different levels of upper class. Ten million dollars is not middle class or “upper middle”. It’s not middle in any sense of the word. What you’re talking about is the ultra wealth
      Jan 8
    • Amazon lvd11
      Ten million is totally middle class, stop kidding yourself. Anyone with a good tech job can save that much.
      Jan 8
    • Collective Health makeMeKing
      Lvd11 there’s one key fact you’re missing, time. How LONG would it take for someone to save $10mil? It would probably take at least 30 years for most people. But that’s only if you work at faang the whole time.
      Jan 9
    • Amazon lvd11
      If you can do it within a lifetime earning a wage you are middle class. That's basically the definition of middle class.

      Here are some operational definitions:

      Lower class: the lifestyle you can afford earning an hourly wage at a job that does not require education.

      Middle class: the lifestyle you can afford earning a salary at a job that requires education, ranging from truck driver at the low end to surgeon at the top end. Tech people aren't even the top comp here, surgeons exceed their comp, and are still just middle class.

      Upper class: the lifestyle you can afford when you are the owner of major businesses, with annual comp based on business revenue rather than hours worked, at business with 1000s of employees.

      The CEO of you company likely earns in a year as much or more than you will be able to save in as lifetime.
      Jan 9
    • @lvd, let us know when you've saved $10mil 😂
      Jan 9
    • Amazon lvd11
      Simple online calculator says you will get there if you save 8197 a month for 30 years and get 7% return (which is the long term s&p 500 real return after inflation). That 8197 number would include your 401k, capital invested in your home, as well as other investments.

      Totally doable for anyone in a top tech job. You could do it in 25 years if you can save 12,344 a month which is achievable for people in principal/director roles.

      Most people don't work 25 to 30 years in tech only because once they have 3 or 4 million saved they retire but if instead they kept working to 65 they would easily get 10 million by saving what most of us should be saving.

      So that's easily achievable for a working person in tech and even easier for a surgeon or other person at the top end of middle class.
      Jan 9
    • BCG Anon778
      Why are we even entertaining the opinion of someone who thinks 10 million is “middle class”....what exactly is it in the middle of?!
      Jan 10
  • Google / Eng Bluths
    Upper class doesn’t really have income levels. It has wealth.
    Jan 7 0
  • New b37
    Under $100k. If you are blind to all the convenience store workers, janitors, secretaries, garbagemen, train station attendants, and others than make up the vast majority of the population but make nowhere near $100k, start paying attention to them. There but for the grace of God goes your high-earning self.
    Jan 7 8
  • New me2you.
    True upper class is born upper class whose game is to compete on how well they can preserve it than growing it. Also, new money can't buy proper grooming since birth....see utube interview of Evelyn De Rothschild
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  • Microsoft / Eng Tier 1
    In SF? Definitely something in the 7 figures.
    Jan 7 0
  • Google / Eng

    Google Eng

    Lockheed Martin, Microsoft
    Full Stack Dev
    You’re considered upper class if you make twice the median income for the area that you live in. Simple as that. There’s adjustments for size of household and other factors. If you want to find out if you’re considered upper class then look at the data for the state/city that you live in. Now there are people who are classified upper class by income but we wouldn’t consider them upper class because they’ve probably made poor financial choices. So this question that OP posted is more opinion based. Different people have different perceptions of what it takes to be considered “upper class”.
    Jan 8 1
    • Amazon lvd11
      Not even close
      Jan 8
  • Facebook sjNd44
    House north of $3m, kids schools and other activities including summer camp for two $120k. New cars every few years of about 150k. Leisure vacations at least 50k. You do the math.
    Jan 7 0