What is B Money

Salesforce needfool
Jan 7

In my blind profile


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  • Amazon lolwhat
    It's similar to 401k. If you link your salary account to your Blind account, your employer will match your monthly contributions to your B Money. Tax deductible.
    Jan 73
  • Goldman Sachs / OtherNeedful TC
    Jan 70
  • New TaaT11
    Cardy B's 💰
    Jan 70
  • Societe Generale

    Societe Generale

    IBM, Ericsson
    With B money you can claim UPTO for life from your company. So, what are you waiting for, you go collect those Bzz.
    Jan 70
  • Facebook zuckks
    B Money - blind money
    You can use it to increase the number of likes on your post/comment
    Jan 70
  • Microsoft ИN
    B - Bitcoin
    Jan 70

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