What is #Facebook’s future?

Amazon haveitall
Oct 13 2 Comments

Do you think its wise to evaluate a move to #FB? Would it be able to overcome its challenges and provide opportunities for career growth?

How is FB doing in #Asia and #India in particular?

How is the leadership?

Heard they appointed a VP to lead India and bought worldwide cricket rights. The India leader Ajit Mohan is ex #Hotstar and left behind a legacy of an awful workplace culture. Any feedback on whats going on at FB India?


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  • Amazon zVjh74
    No idea on FB India, but long term future for total company is uncertain at best. Business model is using personal information to sell advertising which is becoming less tenable. Poor leadership and tone deaf. See recent decision to allow political ads which no mainstream media outlet would run due to untruths. Also Libra currency being abandoned by most major partners. Avoid FB.
    Oct 13 0
  • Amazon rightalot
    I have a friend who left Amazon as an sde3 and went to FB in Seattle about 4 years ago. He is still there and likes it better than Amazon for the overall work culture and TC.

    I think FB will be attacked the most out of all other bigtech in the upcoming year due to elections. The next one will be Amazon, no matter who wins the elections - Trump or socialists.
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