What is L5 Uber offer look like

Airbnb heyha
May 10 8 Comments

3-4 years ago


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Uber qvaU76
    40k~80k rsu
    May 104
    • Yahoo Genius
      80k worth or 80k units?
      May 10
    • Airbnb heyha
      1.6m to 3.2m, not bad
      May 10
    • Pinterest poissons
      Unless you were L6+ you didn't get these numbers.
      May 10
    • Indeed t6
      Sounds too high for L5. Are you sure these are L5?
      May 12
  • Square ajjsjdjfjc
    Share price was already close to 40 mid 2015. So nothing impressive.
    May 102
    • Google catburglar
      Wow.. no growth since then?
      May 11
    • Square ajjsjdjfjc
      Valuation doubled, but too much dilution.
      May 11

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