What is a Google "low-ball" like for L3? In Pittsburgh or MTV?

Gap / Eng randUser
Apr 23 6 Comments

Just trying to gauge what blind people think is an L3 low-ball. Like a Google offer if you have no competing offers

For a software engineer


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  • Google wFatDuck2
    Depends on YOE
    Apr 23 4
    • Gap / Eng randUser
      Okay, so for like 2 YOE is it not so relatively low but for 8 YOE it's relatively low?

      I'm around 2 YOE so I'm asking for that side of things
      Apr 23
    • Expect a base between 120 and 130 and rsus like 150 with no competing. Some get lower some get more. Tc will be a little south of 200. This is all just a ballpark...
      Apr 23
    • Gap / Eng randUser
      Ahhh see I wouldn't complain about that at all...

      good to know, I appreciate the estimate
      Apr 23
    • Thats for mountsin view. Pittsburgh will be less.
      Apr 23
  • Travelport / Eng buttnpushr
    About tree fiddy
    Apr 23 0