What is a competitive TC for Seattle Sr. Product Manager?

Disney eCrp65
Oct 19 3 Comments

Considering a position in SoDo that is 150 base and 10-15% bonus. No stock. 8YOE. Feels low.


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  • FourthWall Media 80%Comple
    Low especially with your YOE and Disney on resume. Can you hang in at Disney until you get a promotion and then try for a FAANG?
    Oct 19 0
  • VMware / Eng

    VMware Eng

    Microsoft, Hulu
    Wow No Stock is ridiculous, why would you care if you don't have a stake in the game? Especially in product side!
    Oct 19 0
  • F5 Networks wait,what?
    Disney isn’t known for pumping out elite product managers. The base is pretty much solid for a non-FANG company. But adding stock for a TC of ~$200k is reasonable.
    Oct 19 0


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