What is an average L4 comp at FANG/linkedin?

Uber nuber123
May 14 2 Comments

YOE: 1.5 years
Started as l3 at Uber, got promoted and now l4. Wondering what an average L4 eng comp looks like at FANG/linkedin. Or would I get down leveled?


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  • Short answer: your line of questioning sucks.

    Long answer: L4 at FANG/Li ranges from 225-275 depending on company, competing offer, interview performance , etc.

    Netflix> Li> fb> G> A in terms of pay

    Netflix won’t hire you with 1.5 yoe, Li/fb/A will be lateral move, G will be downlevel.
    May 15 1
    • LinkedIn la$$en
      LinkedIn paying more than fb and G 😳 that's first time I am seeing.
      May 15


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