What is latest 409A valuation of Cohesity stock price

Mar 15 14 Comments

I am a recent grad. Got an offer from Cohesity. The recruiter says stock price is valuated at $40.Is it really $40?

Base - 115k
RSU - 5000 units

Yoe - 3


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  • Cohesity xgdp
    I would not be surprised we hit that share price for IPO in 2-3 years, but for now $20-25 would be a good number for TC comparison purpose. The future is bright but not certain. Should always keep in mind when consider startup companies.
    Apr 170
  • $40 is the last round investors paid for or the current strike price for your options? 409A would be close to your strike price.

    But I think recruiter is telling you the former (investor buy in price)
    Mar 150
  • Mode DvVM00
    if the recruiter says that why would you disbelieve ? it’s $40
    Mar 152
    • Intel UPDOWNUP
      Kinda I am bit scared after some incidents with recruiter and claims. So I was skeptical. Any help will be appreciated.
      Mar 15
    • Mode DvVM00
      just take it on faith. it will be verified in the offer letter which you can then reject if it’s not true.

      never mind. i thought the offer was 5000 RSU @ $40. i guess that’s your current package.
      Mar 15
  • Cohesity cUoL62
    Also 115 is disgusting
    Mar 211
    • Cohesity xgdp
      Agreed it is a bit low for new grad, an offer in this base range should not be made
      Apr 17
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

  • Tesla / EngmrDonald
    Does that mean you have to buy their options for $40?
    Mar 151
    • Cohesity xgdp
      It is RSU
      Apr 17
  • Cohesity cUoL62
    I didn't even realize my broke as was a worth millions (I hope you can pick up on the sarcasm)
    Mar 210
  • Cohesity cUoL62
    Mar 210
  • Microsoft power up
    Which location is the offer for? And does that mean the stock price is valued $8 or $40?
    Mar 160
  • Zynga whtA73
    Investor buys in price is $8
    Mar 150

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