What is one thing your company does that doesn't make sense at all?

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Mar 14 8 Comments



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  • Google SWE dπ
    Tolerate employees who spend all of their energy publicly demonizing everyone who doesn't agree with them and turning the workplace into a battlefield where you have to pick a side instead of a place where you can come to work and do work.
    Mar 140
  • Microsoft / Engdevpapi
    Not trying to keep talent. Not letting you switch teams once you acquire additional skills for the new position.
    Mar 140
  • Amadeus Trick2g
    Pay external hires way more tc than internal employees. Multiple cases of senior engineers getting paid more than the team lead. I changed jobs from there and I am making more than my previous director. Go figure.
    Mar 141
    • Cisco ex2.19
      This actually makes perfect sense.
      Mar 14
  • IBM modelx
    Grossly underpaying at mid/senior levels.

    IBM is one giant experiment to see if a company can survive when 80% of the dev work is done by interns and entry-level hires, or lifers with roughly the same ability.
    Mar 141
    • Amazon / EngKHCr70
      Rolf. I was one of those interns. You lazy bastards
      Mar 15
  • Amazon axmck
    Comp model
    Mar 140
  • Cisco ex2.19
    Why stick with just one? I find a new one per day at least.
    Mar 140

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