What is the Facebook SF office like?

Apple yayarea7
Jun 12 7 Comments

How does it compare to Menlo Park? Is there food, gym, and other amenities like in mpk?


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  • Clearstream.TV beedangs
    Is it better than Menlo Park office or worse
    Jun 12 1
    • Facebook / R&D JIWQ73
      Depends on the particular aspects you are asking. Otherwise comparing the whole MPK (20+ buildings + a dozen different restaurants/cafeterias) to the small SF office is too vague
      Jun 12
  • Facebook Ebichu
    The Facebook SF office is basically Instagram but they are opening up another office in SF for Facebook.

    The elevators are a pain during the moring and lunch time. Otherwise, beautiful office and amazing food.
    Jun 12 1
  • Facebook zQjU87
    The food is fire! It’s a bit cramped imho. Only spent a few days there though
    Jun 12 1
  • Capital One

    Capital One

    How about FB tower next to SF tower ?
    Jun 12 0