What is the usual cost of owning a Tesla?

Yelp BDkP87
Jul 1 20 Comments

How much do you have to pay per month for owning a Tesla model S or X? We are thinking of leasing or buying one.


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  • Apple vcgh
    Cost to own will depend on what model you choose, price between Models range 70-120k

    Maintenance and other cost is practically zero
    Jul 1 15
    • GM Financial / IT Nataku
      Welcome to insurance.

      I also found that the insurance for Tesla is *not* more expensive than it was for my Genesis (2015 Genesis 5.0 Ultimate). It's actually cheaper.

      Honestly, the rumors about insurance always seem to be someone who owned a Corolla and they simply can't believe it's more expensive to insure a Tesla.
      Jul 1
    • Yelp BDkP87
      Approximately it would be around $800 for a model S dual motor?
      Jul 1
    • GM Financial / IT Nataku
      Yes, repair is currently awful.

      My recommendation: if you collide, collide (kinda) big. The car is exceptionally good at keeping occupants safe, so a big collision will just get the car totaled and you can wash your hands of it without dealing with the repair bullshit.
      Jul 1
    • IMS Health / IT

      IMS Health IT

      Software professional always looking for something better
      For how much you got insurance now?
      I am looking for monthly installment + insurance price for model 3 if I am buying it!?
      Jul 1
  • New / Strategy

    New Strategy

    MIT BS MechE, Stanford GSB
    I'll give them some more time to iron out build quality.
    I'm a Toyoda fellow.
    Jul 1 0
  • Oath Atinlay2
    There a calculator on their site, and you can get a quote from your own insurance specific to where you live.

    Learn to adult
    Jul 1 0
  • T-Mobile nth
    Was planning to own one and saw this

    Hell no, until they figure their spares game and have more authorized body repair shops.
    TLDR: 12k for a fender bender
    Jul 1 1
    • Oath Atinlay2
      Saw this too, was going to post it! Everyone should watch it
      Jul 1