What is your favorite type of office chair?

Oracle OlJs40
Jul 9 3 Comments

I have a Steelcase Leap Chair v2. Its great for lumbar support, but seriously uncomfortable. It has very little cushioning and I have to put a cushion on it. I don't like Aeron Chairs. I thought about trying one of those high backed gaming chairs.

I work from home... so its for my home office.


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  • Indeed Ioser
    this is a good one. great lumbar support and large enough surface area to hold an ungodly amount of electronics

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  • Microsoft 10^100
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  • New wEvY28
    I've been exclusively wfh for 7 years, and the best purchase I ever made for the home office was my Herman Miller Embody chair. When I look at the lifespan of it and my health benefits (I've struggled with back pain in the past), it's a no brainer for my well being.
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