What is your side hustle? Elaborate in Comments

Blue Cross Blue Shield ECOM
Dec 1

What is your side hustle?
How much yearly income does it generate?
How much time do you invest into it per week?
Elaborate in Comments


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  • Apple / Opscrumbersum
    Investing in my kids so they can wipe my ass (or pay someone else to) when I’m no longer able to do it for myself.
    Dec 12
  • Amazon 🍌 stand
    Tried creating a mini consulting startup, taking the things I learned at FAANG and applying them to small and medium sized business. Turns out it's really hard to close on a paying client, or my idea is trash.
    Dec 22
    • Broadcom Ltd. rFkd21
      FAANG just doesn’t have the cachet in the broader economy that you think it has.
      Dec 2
    • Capital One / Engdesu
      I think small businesses don't have the kind of scalability issues that FAANG has. They're usually satisfied with a WordPress site with a pretty face on it.
      Dec 2
  • Capital One / Engdesu
    Investing on Robinhood
    Dec 14
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield ECOM
      Do you day trade? How much are do you make in a year by investing/trading?
      Dec 1
    • Capital One / Engdesu
      I'm getting out of day trading because I just got a much higher paying job that I should focus on.
      It's not been going so hot lately because I put a lot more cash in right before the correction, but for a while, my YOY ROI was about 50%

      I think I've kind of been learning lately how to adjust my strategy for a much larger portfolio size and I just stuck way too much cash in at once.
      Dec 1
    • Google / EngBluths
      It’s called speculating. Not investing.
      Dec 1
    • Capital One / Engdesu
      ^ nailed it
      Dec 2
  • Amazon IH8Amazon
    Designing and setting up networks and servers (basically whole systems) for home office, small offices. In my area a lot of people work from home and the companies have a rule that you must never get disconnected from meetings or you have to come back to the office so I get a lot of business which is good

    Oh yeah and i buy houses and flip them
    Dec 20
  • Google / Othersnidely
    Dec 20
  • Facebook / Engtukitaki
    1) stock - automatic investments
    2) rental income
    3) YouTube channel
    Dec 21
    • Amazon Izzypop
      How’s the YouTube channel going? What kind of content do you post?
      Dec 2
  • Google Yoshka
    I run a user generated content porn site for a niche fetish. I make about $20k a year.
    Dec 31
    • Microsoft / EngTimon
      Wow. What is the niche?
      Dec 4
  • Microsoft bonhi2018
    Do taxes for people during tax season
    Dec 21
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield ECOM
      Are you CPA?
      Dec 2
  • New DuQvV7x
    I ran an RE flip and build company that employed 8 people.

    It ate up 50+ hours a week.

    I am down to 3 employees now as I reduce involvement with the venture.
    Dec 20
  • Amazon gDVc56
    Just real estate and rentals. Thinking about actually getting my brokers license the amount if things I looked at for friends and colleagues as a side hobby lol
    Dec 20

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