What kind of enterprise software is used @FAANG?

Intel fangboi
Nov 18 12 Comments

For example, Intel uses Skype/Outlook for messaging/emails/contacts, and Office suite for docs/spreadsheets/presentations.

What do companies like Apple/Google/Facebook use? Slack?? iMessage??


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  • Northrop Grumman / Eng A12Fusion
    Everyone uses office suite πŸ™„
    Nov 18 6
    • Northrop Grumman / Eng A12Fusion
      They do use keynote too. It’s a mix tbh but all Fortune 500 companies basically use office. I think a few years ago I saw it was 90% adoption
      Nov 18
    • Apple Phaneesh
      We use both. If you are more comfortable using Pages, Numbers and Keynotes good for u. Same goes for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Most people have both installed. We have Office suite cos we do work with external people who might use them.
      Nov 19
    • Intel fangboi
      @Apple what about for internal messaging? Skype? Slack?
      Nov 19
    • Ten-X RFMR24
      Good part of Apple engineering now uses Slack from what I've heard!
      Nov 22
    • Apple YXqV04
      Slowly onboarding most of SWE to Slack.
      Nov 23
  • Google / Eng

    Google Eng

    Google uses internal tools for everything (messaging: Google Chat, video: Google Meet, office: Gmail, google calendar, etc, code source: internal, bug tracking: internal, ...)
    Nov 18 3
    • Boeing / Legal

      Boeing Legal

      Knights of Columbus, Rocket Fuel
      No way the finance folks at Google use Google Sheets over Excel lol.
      Nov 18
    • Google / Eng jf8s3b
      google uses workday
      Nov 18
    • Google / Eng freakalik
      Over the last decade, Google has shrunk it's number of Office licenses to less than 5% of the company. The use cases now are mainly for external parties. Google Sheets rock and it's always surprising to me that people assume Excel is so much better. Usually it means you haven't used Sheets recently.
      Nov 21
  • New ctjj40
    I’ve always wondered which corporations actually use Open/LibreOffice...
    Nov 18 0


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