What kind of package can you get as front end developer at google?

Quantcast Obid85
Apr 26 3 Comments

I’ve heard that it is pretty hard to get higher title/TC if your expertise mostly focuses on front end at google. Can anyone confirm? I interviewed with them about 2 years ago and get L4 with about 300k TC…… I have about 8 years of experience although mostly in non-fang company...

The level was a bit disappointing so I didn’t end up taking the offer back then. As I am now rethinking about interviewing with them, i want to make sure I have realistic expectations and do everything I can to get higher title/compensation

Any benchmarking information or tips will be appreciated!


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  • Google praise
    At 8 years at non FANG, you would be getting L4 unless you crush the interviews.
    Apr 26 2
    • Quantcast Obid85
      So how many years of experiences do you need to get a L5?
      Apr 26
    • Twitch BroBroPro
      Google is notoriously difficult with extending L5 offers. Often fb will give E5 where Google will push for high L4
      Apr 26


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