What kind of work are SDE-1 and 2 given at amazon/AWS?

Akamai Technologies SfLp40
Jul 16 2 Comments

I currently work as solutions architect and I'm very familiar with cloud operations work(http, dns, ssl, cdn, scripting, troubleshooting, sys admin, etc). Rumours are SDEs in amazon/aws perform the same work? Is this true ? My work is 50% interesting and 50% monotonous is it a good switch to SDE ?


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    Yes and no. It depends on on what you enjoy doing
    Jul 16 1
    • Akamai Technologies SfLp40
      I enjoy designing solutions, making decisions, solving problems irrespective of me coding or not. From what I hear is only after mid SDE-2 career you will be given interesting work.
      Jul 17


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