What makes a company a tech company?

Chase / Eng ghosted!
Mar 6 18 Comments

Microsoft is clearly a tech company. Google also.

But why is amazon a tech company? Except for aws, alexa, and Kindle, it doesn't sell any Online or offline software. Why is Walmart or Target not a tech company?

In the same vein, what makes Airbnb a tech company? It doesn't sell anything technology related.


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  • Amazon / Eng semi🦄
    Software Engineers are treated like first class citizen just like Drs in a hospital 😂
    Mar 6 2
    • Greatly put. I worked for a investment bank and I know how it feels to be an engineer where they don't value engineering
      Mar 6
    • Two Sigma : : : )
      So are you saying Amazon isn’t a tech company?
      Mar 6
  • Microsoft Bingo 43
    Before you go any further - Chase will not be called a tech company ever. Even after they launch whatever sh*tcoin they are launching
    Mar 6 1
    • Tableau krxi15
      😂🤣way to burst OP’s bubble.
      Mar 6
  • Amazon HlqC56
    Amazon is a tech company because everything at Amazon is tech. SDE's are the backbone of the company and all other job functions are seen as existing to support the engineering org. If you are a product manager at Amazon your job is to feed the engineering team with product requirements. If you are a tax accountant, your job is to feed the engineering team with tax requirements. Even HR feeds requirements to the PeopleTech engineering team.

    Amazon believes in scale and we believe that scale requires automation.
    Mar 6 0
  • Microsoft / Finance Dunph
    Just think: if the company didn't invest in technology, will it still exist? Amazon wont exist without Amazon.com, aws, Alexa, etc. Airbnb wouldn't exist without their website, app, etc.
    Mar 6 0
  • New ..||?
    Ditto what the other guy said. These companies pay crazy TC for the engineering organization because of the talent and it’s immense value to their continued success. Target and Walmart on the other hand.....suck
    Mar 6 4
    • Lol talent and value. Nah bro, they pay because the local demand is high and it's a pissing match between companies that mint money off digital ads.
      Mar 6
    • Facebook lolwutm8
      If they weren't worth the investment there wouldn't be demand. Or do you really think a bunch of billionaires are throwing money at engineers for no reason lol
      Mar 7
    • Lots of factors influence demand. Two big ones are income, these companies make like 1 million net income per employee. ( Don't read this as, if I hire someone my company.makes another mil this FY). Also, the number of consumers in the market (lots of employers for devs).
      Mar 7
    • Facebook lolwutm8
      I know. Which is why it's laughable to deny they bring value. Engineers are some of the best investments you can make which is why new grads are pulling in lawyer money. Not because it's a "pissing match".
      Mar 7
  • Microsoft naaam
    Classifying by compensation is BS. There are core technology companies ie. the companies that create technology to sell or monetize them. Microsoft, Google, Intel, HP, Apple etc., even AWS fall in this category. Then there is a second category where companies use technology to be a core/primary tenant in solving a business problem - Amazon.com, Uber, Facebook, Airbnb etc fall in this category. Then there is the third category which uses technology to serve their customers better. Technology arms of financial institutions, governments, b&m retailers falls here. Based on vertical, any of these can pay big money (ex. Though treated a second class citizen, software developer in a wall St company may get well paid)
    Mar 6 0
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    Because no one with any technical sophistication has ever said, let’s copy what Walmart Labs or Target is doing.
    Mar 6 0
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  • Amazon cbellsays
    Mar 6 0
  • Spotify / Eng qbeforeu
    “except for AWS” which is their most profitable unit lol
    Mar 6 0
  • Microsoft pJcW86
    TC doesn't define a tech company either. Kind of an idiotic term to dumb down companies for the masses like "FANG" because tech company is still too complicated.

    Every company "could" be defined as a tech company as everyone needs tech now to do business.

    Currently companies that focus on tech first and sells it is a tech company. Amazon.com by itself integrates tech tools but is a questionable tech company unless they sell the "Amazon.com" platform. It is an integral part of their business though. Amazon with AWS is definitely a tech company as they are selling literally a tech (AWS). The primary product of Walmart and Target is not tech but products so they are retailers spending a bunch of money in-house in tech.

    Airbnb would be considered a tech company as they are "selling" the Airbnb platform and using it to facilitate places and people. Same with Uber, Lyft, etc. Without the tech they wouldn't have a business unlike Walmart and Target where if they closed all IT they could still operate as a retailer.

    Tesla I'd say is a high user of technology and develops in-house but they are an automotive manufacturer.

    If you want the technical IRS definition, here it is:
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