What plant shall I put on my desk?

EA / Eng_^_
Apr 15 18 Comments

Was thinking of Bonsai tree, seems pretty neat. You can get 6-7 yo ones. Any suggestions for a budget of up to $120ish mb.. Not much sun, but would be nice to see it blossom sometimes


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    • 🕯🤞👍🏽
      Apr 15
    • Amazon pio
      Username checks out
      Apr 15
  • TrueCar oejsgsb
    Why do you need blind to ask this?
    Apr 153
    • Amazon UKBV06
      Why even bother commenting
      Apr 15
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    • NASA / Engchecks out
      Yeah seriously. Hey OP, could you delete this so I can get back to reading 23-year-olds whine about their measly quarter-of-a-million-dollar salary?
  • Unity Lvl1Crook
    A dingleberry bush
    Apr 150
  • Microsoft maggio
    Christmas tree
    Apr 150
  • Salesforce perpetuoso
    Not sure of your exposure to bonsai but they aren’t passive plants. They are trees that require daily attention and expertise to maintain. Most don’t survive well indoors. If they were easy I’d totally have one on my desk too as they are the coolest thing ever. Free workshop in Oakland bonsai garden if you wanna learn.
    Apr 151
    • New / Design


      Raizlabs, MullenLowe
      Bonsai is a serious hobby. Those ones you get at Lowe’s and Home Depot will die in under two years if you’re lucky. 2 months if you’re not.

      Get a fern and put little plastic dinosaurs in it at the base.
      Apr 15
  • Amazon pio
    Stinging nettles
    Apr 150
  • succulents
    Apr 150
  • Salesforce hexagonal
    Get silk flowers. High quality fakes for real plants. No worries about responsibility or maintenance, nor light level concerns. I was impressed by fake ones I saw this weekend
    Apr 151
    • EA / Eng_^_
      but knowledge of fakeness is not gonna give me much good mood
      Apr 15
  • New QTdN03
    Venus Fly Trap.
    Apr 180
  • Microsoft mdnd
    Doesn’t matter the plant. You are gonna kill it anyway
    Apr 150
  • Two Sigma not nice
    Seems like most options are boring, but better than nothing:
    Apr 150

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