What point(s) you contradict with, among the Amazon leadership principles ? Why? How you want that principl to b changed

New / Eng harigur
Jul 1 12 Comments


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  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    Rewrite in English please
    Jul 1 2
    • New / Eng harigur
      It is already written in English
      Jul 1
    • Amazon vr38dett
      Can you more English then please? It's needful
      Jul 1
  • Capital One B0STONIAN
    Whenever I was studying for Amazon interviews I always thought “Are Right A Lot” was a weird one. The others were all intuitive, but I think this directly contradicts “Bias for Action” which is more important in my opinion. If you’re moving fast, you’ll get things wrong and that’s ok as long as you fix and improve. If you’re always right, you aren’t learning and trying new things anymore. You’re sticking with problems you’ve already solved or have experience with and getting them right. Maybe someone on the inside could shed some light on what I am missing.
    Jul 1 4
    • Amazon clxR4e
      Read the text for are right a lot instead of the title
      Jul 1
    • Amazon vdcb40
      The LPs are goal posts that are in tension with each other. The tension is supposed to spur ingenuity/invention.

      The idea is that you don’t give up Bias For Action in order to be Right A Lot. You need to have that Bias for Action while also being Right A Lot and if that doesn’t seem possible, figure out a way to make it possible (in this case, probably iterative development)
      Jul 1
    • Amazon / Eng firefly123
      They conflict so that everyone has something they can be PIPed on
      Jul 2
    • Amazon clxR4e
      ^ toxic
      Jul 2
  • Amazon / Eng NoFIdea
    I hate “Bias For Action” when TPMs & SDMs abuse it to compromise the quality of work, and/or pushing toward the fast-and-hacky approaches.
    Jul 1 0
  • Amazon halfasser
    I disagree with the fact that everyone can be a leader.
    Jul 1 1
    • Amazon / Eng NoFIdea
      That’s a pretty interesting argument!
      Jul 1
  • Amazon clxR4e
    I want Vocally Self Critical back. Kick Learn & Be Curious to the curb, or bury it in Are Right A Lot.
    Jul 1 0