What should I do next? How to leave enterprise hosting?

New LDVW52
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I'm currently a technical account manager, but a more accurate description would be systems engineer or something along those lines. I support large install base accounts from setting up a backup schedule, tuning their storage, recommending and implementing complete architecture changes, etc. Basically, our Sales Engineers suck, our support sucks, I have a great boss that protects me from BS but I basically have to do everything if I want it done right. Also, if it's a churn risk it gets dropped on my lap as well.

For the most part I love it. Everyday is different but I also know the platforms I support like the back of my hand. I've had exposure to tons of systems over the years, storage vendors, security platforms, etc and don't think any other role will provide that.

I interviewed for a similar size Fintech and got offered, though I don't think it was a good fit and we didn't get to my bottom number in salary negotiations. They are very security focus, red tape, paperwork, etc and have a strong core believe they can never exist in Cloud which I find a bit off putting. Single platform to manage, lots of red tape/paperwork to deal with and fear of some technology options didn't seem like a place I'd be happy at.

So what should I do next? I could stay put, but my employer is finally rolling out the right integrations and automation should take most of the need for a guy like me out of the mix, which is great for the business but probably not sustainable for me.

My company will pay for just about any certification I can come up with so that's an option. I'm confident I can nail just about any TAM, Solutions Architect, Solutions Engineer, Senior Systems Engineer, etc interview except maybe at AWS/Azure or any Microsoft heavy shop.

I love solving complex problems, familiar with tons of hardware, best practices, etc for networking, storage, Application load balancing, firewalls, WAF, clustering, hypervisors, etc, have traveled internationally quite a bit for work, etc. I would enjoy a job that has actual impact on the world besides just helping companies ensure they keep making money but I'm selfish enough that I'm not taking a pay cut for a feel good role.

Any input is appreciated! I have some ideas but I think some external input could be very valuable.


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  • Pivotal phewchild
    Are you asking if you should look elsewhere? It never hurts to interview and see what the market is offering. You're clearly on the fence so take a look at the other side. You don't have to commit to amything
    Sep 16 1
    • New LDVW52
      More just advice, not so much specifics but open to those as well. Once I got into this industry, the few job changes I've made are because of people I met original at the current job referred me to come join them at their new job or in one case a previous employer asked me to come back and a favorable deal was negotiated. This is the only one that has checked off the boxes in being interesting, challenging, fast paced and stressful enough to be enjoyable but it's also a complete sh!t show in so many areas.

      I think it's time to get out of this particular niche in the industry and step out of the referral circle, into something even more challenging but I'm not sure what that might be.
      Sep 16