What sparked an interest to take up your career in engineering?

T-Mobile just add
Feb 11 17 Comments

I can't remember what I've done two weeks ago. But somehow people talk about how their interest got sparked. Do you have a story like this?

TC 150k
8 yoe

What sparked an interest to take up your career in engineering?


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TOP 17 Comments
  • Amazon g8rb8
    Being born in India 😆
    Feb 110
  • Quanergy Systems w52fg
    the chicks
    Feb 111
    • Bloomberg RealMVP
      Yeah if you’re gay
      Feb 11
  • Anthem Ctj49m
    Looking at the tumorous TC’s on blind
    Feb 110
  • Micro Focus / ProductGWOz11
    Marie Kondo of course!
    Feb 120
  • VMware BobbleHat
    You need a good lie, otherwise no hire.
    Feb 120
  • Snapchat gqkO66
    200k/yr at 22 is alot better than 8 years of biology grad school, 3 years post doc, 80k/yr at age 35.
    Feb 110
  • Apple / Eng


    Feb 111
  • Amazon LoanerBadg
    Feb 140
  • Google / EngqFMS26
    Thinking I could make computer games. Quickly realized that's not for me and just continued leetcoding before leetcode was a thing.
    Feb 130
  • Microsoft / EngDblDwnDave
    Starcraft 1 map editor, windows 95 registry
    Feb 130
  • General Motors Wasabi!
    Startrek, space got me excited.
    Feb 110
  • Amazon mumu10
    The first time I installed windows in my pc myself
    Feb 110
  • Pinger / Engcreate💻
    Feb 110
  • Apple / EngMojaveX
    Probably when I got my Commodore 64
    Feb 110
  • Bloomberg


    Bloomberg LP
    Linux was where it all started for me
    Feb 110

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