What stocks do people working for Wall Street firms invest in?

BlackRock / Eng saywat
Jul 27 22 Comments

Since all employees , consultants and contracts working with Wall St ( Finanace ) firms are bound by numerous Personal Trading Account protocols and rules. What do you invest in for short and long term earnings ( exclusing IRA,401k,crypto, Acorns ) ?


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TOP 22 Comments
  • Facebook / Eng mturtle
    I work in HFT. I only buy EFTs (I've always done that). Long term only.
    Jul 27 7
    • BlackRock / Eng saywat
      Hedge funds isn’t same as usual stock trading ... we have to get everything precleared... even opening an account on robinhood ( which is mostly not allowed by a majority of banks )
      Jul 27
    • Facebook / Eng mturtle
      I worked at a clearly firm like 8 years ago. They had a similar policy.
      Jul 27
    • Facebook Decoupled
      Where do you work, mturtle?
      Asking cos you and me are anti-particles. I moved from HFT to FB some time back
      Jul 27
    • Bank of America / Product Quacky
      Pre clearance makes me hate investing
      Jul 30
    • Facebook / Eng DenOProles
      I’ll be moving on from FB this year and I’m looking at hedge funds. cc Decoupled mturtle
      Aug 6
  • Susquehanna International / Eng Kristaps11
    30% of my portfolio in tech, 10% in high dividend stocks, rest in ETFs.

    Afaik you don’t need to go through compliance for crypto yet. Only crypto derivatives listed in the CME.
    Jul 27 13
    • BlackRock / Eng saywat
      @fakeengineer ... I don’t know what you’re talking about man ... I know a lot of folks at GS and all say they can’t trade single name securities on the personal trading accounts
      Jul 27
    • Goldman Sachs fake engineer
      Most people at the company can't but a good portion of securities division is allowed to and probably IMD as well. There's documents explicitly saying this.
      Jul 28
    • Bank of America jayz10033
      You can purchase single name securities unless they are on a company-wide blacklist or specific group restrictions. Compliance documents should outline this at each firm. You need to get single names pre-cleared. It usually comes with a 24 hour window.
      Jul 28
    • E*Trade / Finance cbEV72
      There will be blackouts and restricted lists of course but other than that it’s not like they can’t trade at all.
      Jul 28
    • BNP Paribas / Legal @BNP
      I put all in a low fee managed account so I don’t need to brother with clearing through compliance.
      Aug 27


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