What to expect in phone interview after the hacker rank question round at Salesforce?

Oath NBgx11
Jan 13 5 Comments

Recruiter says that it will be about going through the hacker rank code that I submitted any idea what kind of questions I can expect?

Hacker question was about system dependencies graph question.


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  • Salesforce MarcOhana
    As long as you know what you did, you should be fine. If you cheated and can’t explain why you did what you did, you will be in trouble.
    Jan 13 0
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    • Microsoft Vgj(5;)
      Yes and also remove the country quota from GC so we can hire more Indians.
      Jan 13
  • McAfee McAfeTaken
    Hey do you mind sharing the hacker rank question you got. Preparing for Salesforce myself, will definitely help.
    Jan 28 0
  • Microsoft Vgj(5;)
    What is the Hackerrank round? Question is given beforehand?
    Jan 13 0