What type of vaccinations required for AOS greencard

Amazon kvbh
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What type of vaccinations required for AOS greencard ? A clinic tells me 4 are required: MMr, TDAP, varicella and Flu; another said that only 3 are required (flu is not in the list)

Also, do i have to take two doses for those or one is enough for the GC purpose? Can I take all on the same day to include in the form I693? I just want to save time and dont want to wait for second doses? Do i need to wait for few days for Vaccination record to be available or i can get the vaccination record right after taking the vaccinations?



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  • Intel Pioneer82
    I didnt get the Flu vaccine as part of GC vaccinations as it was not recommended by Civil surgeon. Varicella is the chicken pox vaccine i believe which you can skip if you had chickenpox as a kid. They may still ask u to take a blood test to prove that you have the immunity to chickenpox.

    Usually you get the vaccination forms completed in 3-5 business days. If you are from any other country other than India taking the vaccination once should suffice as you will usually get your GC within 1-2 years max. In my case i am from india and PD took long to become current so had to repeat medical exam thrice as the exam is valid for only 1 year i believe.
    Apr 13 2
    • Amazon 737max💥
      If you keep a record of the vaccinations you shouldn't have to do them a second time. The subsequent examiners should be satisfied with proof of the original vaccinations.
      Apr 13
    • Intel Pioneer82
      Yes you are right. As long as you have vaccination records from the first time you can use that to prove u have taken those already. In my case some vaccines are valid only for 3 years i guess and i had to retake some since it was more than 3 years since my initial medical exam was filed and i still didnt get my GC.
      Apr 14
  • Dropbox / Eng GGMW32
    I think you only need flu if it's flu season. The civil surgeon should figure that out for you.
    Apr 13 0
  • Mesosphere bKPn88
    If you already got some vaccines, you can ask your doctor to do a titer (blood test) to show that you still have immunity. You can also get the test of the vaccines there.

    You can also ask your doctor to do an STD panel (gonorrhoea, syphilis) and a blood (not skin) TB test

    AFAIK only the skin TB test gives false positives if you got the BCG vaccine, and USCIS now requires a blood test.

    The flu shot is needed if you file your GC application during flu season.
    Apr 14 1
    • Amazon kvbh
      When is the flu season btw?
      Apr 15
  • Oath NRKx16
    Did you do your masters in the US? When I came for masters, my university had compulsory policy of getting three of those four vaccinations.

    Maybe you did and you forgot?
    Apr 13 1
    • Amazon kvbh
      I didnt take master here. I am sure i have taken those. Just that I didn't keep the record/proof, so I probably have to retake them.
      Apr 13
  • Amazon kvbh
    Should I take vaccinations from my PCP before coming for medical appointment (to save money as it will reduce the total cost). I heard that some certain test such as TB test should be **before** the vaccination as vaccinations might cause false positive to the test. If it is the case then I should take the vaccinations with the same doctor who will do the form 693 for me. Otherwise, i will have to wait for 4 weeks after vaccinations before they can do some TB test.
    Apr 14 0
  • Noodle.ai waitwhut
    ^ he's right. Most labs providing this service take about 1 week to complete the tests and fill out the form. Taking one dose is enough for the form. You can come back in 6 months and get the second dose if you want to. I assume you're talking about hep-B vaccine.
    Apr 14 0
  • Aspen Technology / Consultant wUHa67
    Mmr, varicella, tdap and flu. You then need to be tested for some STDs and TB. If you don't have the full schedule of vaccines required and the correct blood work , the civil surgeon will not sign off on your form i-693
    Apr 14 0