What would be the better choice to make for Career, Growth and Immigration

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Hi All ,
I am in a bit of Dilemma and would really appreciate if you all can advice what would be the best choice I make.
I recently was laid off from a company A in CO and being on an H1 work visa i had to find a job soon to maintain my work status in the country. I found a job in Ohio with Company B as a contractor via an American consulting firm with a 50% jump to my compensation().Low cost of living compared to CO , this jump in TC makes me get more bang for my buck. The work has been ok so far nothing exciting even though they have some great VR projects going on which i could potentially work in the future but as a contractor they hired on working something specific so not sure exaclty how it will pan out in the future , plus its a year contract with potential for extension. They have also just started my GC processing too.
I also managed to recieve an offer from Company C which is a full time offer () in CO. They say its company policy and will start my GC after 6 months.From the interview and the team the work here looks exciting comapred to work i am currently doing with company B.

I am confused whether to stick with consulting firm since its a much higher pay and they are going to start my GC process soon, but then have to live the life of a contractor moving city to city every year or so or if i am lucky every two years.
or take the more stable full time option with company C even though its off lesser compensation to company B, but who are going to start my G only after 6 months.

Kindly please let me know what option is best to take and why and if there are other factors that i am overlooking and have not considered kindly please do advice.


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  • Taylor Farms azerty_
    Whatever you pick, make sure the GC process is in your contract. Everything on paper.
    Don’t live on promises.
    Also - FYI GC process even for EB2 is at least 2-3 years
    Sep 13 2
    • New / Eng SubZero$
      So the wait time for EB2 is same as EB3 then ?
      Company C says it’s a company policy to do it in 6 months but I haven’t seen it in the offer letter.
      Company B it says in contract it will start in 3 months so.
      Sep 13
    • Taylor Farms azerty_
      On paper, EB2 is faster. But processing times are all slow and they tend to get slower nowadays. Backlogs change. I would say that even if the employer is super fast with documents and speeding up the process, about 2 years is the minimum right now.
      My 2 cents is never trust anyone if it’s not on paper. In 6 months a lot can change. People who promised you that could be elsewhere, they can say “we never said that”, or “we are not very happy with your performance, we’re gonna have to wait a little more and see what happens. They can essentially pull everything to stall you if they want.

      Can’t advise you which to choose, but be careful with those. If not in the offer try at least to get it via email, if you choose to go C
      Sep 13
  • Amazon / Data tlfQ21
    Prioritize the three things you have. 1. GC I don't think this is a problem unless your h1b expires in 6 months because B and C does GC. 2. Money how important is this to you in comparison to interesting work at C..if the difference is huge and you need to save money with in one year for whatever reason.Then stick with B. 3. Work , does B promise you to get on the VR projects soon before your contract expires ? If so it's worth waiting.

    If money is what you need with in next 1 yr. Stay with B . If you are okay earning a little less but have good work go to C. Even if u go-to C, you could switch after 2,3 years of good work exp. Thinking long-term
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    • New / Eng SubZero$
      Yes that’s what I am looking for. What is good for me long term. More than money I am more concerned what job will be better for my career and what will be best for immigration purposes. I just finished 3 years on my H1 and taking this into factor , I was wondering is it ok to go to company C even though they plan on doing it after 6 months.
      What is best choice for me long term ?
      Sep 13
  • Amazon


    Yo-yo Chen
    Stick with an employer who did your H1B in testing times and is willing to do GC. Don’t just jerk around as consulting company will lose faith in H1B candidates.
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    • New / Eng SubZero$
      I am finishing up 8 months here with Company B which was the duration of my first contract and yes it gonna be extended soon for another 6 beyond which an not sure if they will move me to a new city or keep in the same city
      Sep 13
  • What country for GC ?
    Sep 13 0