What you thing is the most challenging question to be asked in a system design interview?

Amazon iddqd3
Feb 25 6 Comments

It's implementing a messaging app? Tiny URL? A different one? What you think is the most challenging one and why?


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  • Amazon / Eng Unamazed
    What’s so hard about Tiny URL? Sheesh... that one is pretty darn simple.
    Feb 25 2
    • Amazon iddqd3
      What for you is a challenging one?
      Feb 25
    • Amazon / Eng Unamazed
      Design Facebook post searching that supports Boolean operators for keywords.
      Feb 25
  • Oracle 4SedxZ
    Tiny url is not simple. The basic might be but the follow up questions can be tricky. Depends totally on the interviewer.
    Feb 25 1
    • Amazon / Eng Unamazed
      Ask a follow up question that is tricky?
      Feb 25
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    JaJa JaJa

    American Express

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    JaJa JaJamore
    I've found distributed scheduling slightly difficult
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