What's Two Sigma and Capital One like?

Verizon sgJD1N
Apr 14 33 Comments

Is the culture tech or bank? Aka is it good or bad?


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  • Capital One whdjjddbf
    Is this a joke ? That’s like comparing old McDonald’s food ( capital one) vs a nice 5 star gourmet meal (2s)

    I’ve been to two sigma’s onsite and the people there are night and day (very friendly and strong technically) different than the vast majority at capital one ( average to mediocre )
    Apr 14 9
    • Capital One

      Capital One

      A code enthusiast, maintains a low key profile in general.
      Your nickname suits you @Betsy! 😁
      Apr 15
    • Amazon / Eng scoops34
      It does, in the same way that admitting to making mistakes looks bad.
      What's important is that we learn from those mistakes -- such as deciding to work at Capital One
      Apr 17
    • New F***G
      Lol Betsy
      Apr 17
    • Amazon / Eng scoops34
      Do you even realize that I love shitposting about Microsoft just as much and that your tears only bring me ever more joy in my conquest?
      Apr 17
    • Capital One BetsyDeVos
      Soon you’ll be shitposting about the slavery that is Amazon. Don’t let the salt wash out your tears then 😂
      Apr 17
  • New / Eng rhpx71
    One of these is not like the other (hedge fund vs credit cards mostly)
    Apr 14 2
    • Amazon / Eng scoops34
      Oh. I was on the same page until you said "hedge fund vs credit cards" -- I was thinking that they were unalike in that the quality of the job is so inequivalent
      Apr 17
    • New / Eng rhpx71
      This is also the case.
      Apr 18
  • Morgan Stanley tfti
    That's like asking what's Uber Eats and McDonald's like
    Apr 14 1
  • Google sappycat
    Did you mean to say citadel? LOL
    Apr 14 0
  • Two Sigma yoyoyoy
    Chillax guys I have friends at C1 and it’s a decent tech culture. 2S feels pretty big company now except for certain teams.
    Apr 15 10
    • Facebook fack
      That's unfortunate. Assuming cultures important, do you think it's still worth working at Two Sigma for those considering job hopping from G or FB?
      Apr 15
    • Two Sigma mips2000
      Teams more financial focus may be likely not impacted that much (because big tech company managers hardly can join as managers)
      Apr 15
    • Facebook fack
      Wouldn't teams with a financial focus end up being dominated by ex-Goldman sachs and other potentially toxic Wall Street managers?
      Apr 15
    • Two Sigma papakoko
      fack. You read our minds.
      Apr 16
    • New / R&D 1So8Wa
      So which style do u prefer? goldman bros or amazon rusher
      Apr 17
  • ConocoPhillips Duck🦆
    >implying tech culture is good
    Apr 14 2
    • RichRelevance zodian
      I was gonna say. Finance and Tech have been converging on the same culture for years. It's just a bunch of bros walking around with inflated perceptions of their actual value, caring more about TC and company names than what they actually work on. Maybe you still have more video games in the office with tech, but finance is better gender diversity - not a bad tradeoff.
      Apr 14
    • Google / Eng 🍑☁️
      You say that like there's anything wrong with valuing TC over what you work on
      Apr 14
  • Capital One EXwk33
    Capital One is easy to be successful if you are smart and motivated. The work life balance is solid. With that said the people are solid, but well below FANG levels.
    Apr 14 0
  • Citibank twotimer
    This truly is a post to check how many people are starting at phone instead of working!!
    Apr 15 0
  • Two Sigma xkcdfun
    Search is your friend
    Apr 14 0


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