What's a chartered financial analyst?

Bank of America Z3VUcN
May 14 4 Comments

Is there anyone here who is a chartered financial analyst? Does this help with your pay? Thinking of studying for this. Heard that there are multiple levels. Info would be great!


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  • Disney LP182
    Gold standard if you want to work in Inv Banking... especially buy side. 3 level exam that takes months of preparation for each level. Exams are offered in June (w/ Level I also offered in December). Very difficult to study for and pass (~5% pass rate for all three).

    If you want a career in any investment realm of finance, go after it.
    May 14 0
  • Capital One emdR65
    CFA is cheaper, but probably equally as much of a time suck as an MBA. It’s really good information, looks great on a resume, and will destroy your life for months at a time.
    May 22 0
  • Microsoft / Sales

    Microsoft Sales

    Got 2 out of 3.

    A lot of work and time. Useless for me now Becuase I'm in tech sales.

    Don't know if it helps with your pay. Technically you don't need it on the sellside and a MBA or Mfin can cover it.

    Note top tier MBA > than cfa imo
    May 14 0
  • Expedia Yoyofog
    I passed level 1, 15 years ago while getting my MBA and the ended up joining tech instead in non finance role. Lots of studying, bought some prep books, wasnt that difficult, can't comment on level 2, 3....
    May 14 0