What's going on with Airbnb?

Spotify hLvV18
Apr 9 4 Comments

I am using the site as a host, and I've noticed that no new features are introduced recently, instead the old ones are getting ripped off. A lot of them were actually quite useful for me. This lack of innovation kinda saddens me, it feels like Airbnb just unable to innovate and either swamped with a huge tech debt or focuses solely on integration with hoteltonight and other startups they've bought.


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  • Uber zzzz5
    They seemed to jump the shark once they started pushing experiences. Look, I'm not here to be sold an experience. I want a damn place to stay! Honestly, I've largely gone back to hotels because the quality is just too uneven with Airbnbs.
    Apr 9 1
    • Spotify hLvV18
      Oh yeah, the experiences. I kinda see why they're pushing it: with a recent crackdown on Airbnb in many of the cities they might want to diversify their business, also to cover new markets, but personally as a host and infrequent guest I really don't care about this experience thing either.
      Apr 9
  • Qualtrics / Sales

    Qualtrics Sales

    Microsoft, Qualtrics
    Just don't cancel us on last second (typical trick that AirBnB hosts pull)
    Apr 9 0
  • Airbnb WhrDeyAtDo
    Everythingโ€™s goin on
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